• Organising Associations

  • About ESA
    More information about European Strabismological Association:
    ESA Executive Committee

    • President:
      Oliver Ehrt (Germany)

    • Vice-Presidents:
      Daniela Cioplean (Romania)
      Laura Lindberg (Finland)
      Sule Ziylan (Turkey)

    • Councillor:
      Emmanuel Bui Quoc (France)
      Oliver Ehrt (Germany)
      Pedro Meneres (Portugal)

    • Co-opted members :
      Dominique Thouvenin (France)
      Elena Buch-Hesgaard (Denmark)
    • Secretary-Treasurer:
      Giovanni Battista Marcon (Italy)

    About ISA
    More information about International Strabismological Association:
    ISA Executive Committee

    • President:
      Andrea D. Molinari, MD

    • Vice-Presidents:
      Gillian G. W. Adams, MD
      Derek T. Sprunger, MD
    • Secretary-Treasurer:
      David A. Plager, MD
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