• Local Organising Committee

    Dr Dominique Thouvenin,
    Ophtalmologie Rive Gauche
    Dr Léopoldine Lequeux
    Ophtalmologie Rive Gauche
    Dr Christelle Bonifas, 
    Ophtalmologie Rive Gauche
    Mr Bruno Vialle
    Ophtalmologie Rive Gauche
    Dr Jacmine Pechmeja
    CHU Toulouse
  • Scientific Committee

    Head : Pr Oliver Ehrt
    Dr Emmanuel Bui Quoc
     Dr Daniela Cioplean
    Dr Rosario Gomez de Liano
    Dr Jonathan Holmes
    Dr Andrea Molinari
    Dr Alain Spielmann
    Dr Dominique Thouvenin
  • ESA - Executive Committee

    President Pr Oliver Ehrt Germany
    Secretary Dr Mirjana Bjelos  – Croatia
    Vice-Presidents Dr Emmanuel Bui Quoc – France
    Dr Daniel Cioplean Romania
    Dr Helena Buch Hesgaard  – Denmark
    Councillor Dr Saurabh Jain  – UK
    Dr Pilar Gomez de LlanoSpain
    Dr Andrea PiantanidaItalia
    Co-opted members  Editor : Dr Sule Ziylan Turkey
    Dr Dominique ThouveninFrance
  • ISA - Executive Committee

    President Andrea D. Molinari, MD
    Vice-Presidents Gillian G. W. Adams, MD
    Derek T. Sprunger, MD 
    Secretary-Treasurer David A. Plager, MD
  • General Organisation
    26 av Jean Kuntzmann
    38330 Montbonnot Saint-Martin
    Tel : +33 825 595 525 (0,15€/min*)
    Information desk
    monday to friday from 9am to 12am & 2pm to 5pm
    (*) Prices starting from fixed line incumbent, a surcharge may be applied by operators, counting the second after the first 45 seconds.

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